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Migrant Services

People who have just recently moved to Australia may find it difficult to adjust to the Australian culture and lifestyle.

Migrants may experience:

  • Homesickness
  • Getting lost or disorientated
  • Difficulties with English
  • Trouble finding and navigating services like Centrelink or Medicare
  • Difficulty making new friends
  • Employment related issues

Migrants can face a range of issues but there are many things that can make the transition easier such as:

  • Joining a sport
  • Attending groups or classes for your interests
  • Going to TAFE either to practice English or learn something new
  • Volunteering at a charity
  • Keeping in contact with family and friends
  • Getting involved with other people new to the area


TAFE Western Institute

Migrant Resource Service Bathurst - (02) 6332 4866

Lithgow Information and Neighbourhood Centre