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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can be any unwanted sexual behaviour or advances that you experience. Sexual assault can be perpetrated by a stranger, someone you know or someone you are in a relationship with. Just because you are in a relationship or married does not mean that you are not a victim of sexual assault.

Both men and women can be victims of sexual assault and it can happen within all types of relationships including friends, young couples, gay and lesbian couples, married couples, parents and elderly couples. Sexual assault can occur between family members, carers or work colleagues. Sexual assault is never acceptable and it is not the victims fault.

Sexual Assault can be:

  • Forcing or coercing someone to have sex or engage in a sexual activity
  • Unwanted touching
  • Forced kissing
  • Unwanted groping
  • Using threats to make someone engage in sexual activity
  • Engaging someone in sexual activity when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are unable to consent

Sexual Assault can result in:

  • Physical injury
  • Fear of unknown situations, such as fear of using public transport or going somewhere alone
  • Loss of job due to the effects of the trauma
  • Denial and shame
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you have experienced sexual assault, or you need to talk to someone about your experiences there are a range of services that can help you.