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Problem Solving & Goal Setting

We all have times when we are just not sure what to do or where we are headed. Here are some basic steps to get you on your way:

If you had a magic wand and could change your life, what would a typical and normal day be like?

To give yourself the best chance of success your goals need to be SMART:

Specific: Your goals need to be specific behaviours or outcomes. For example to say you want to have “confidence” is not really specific. You need to say what it is you want to be DOING when you have confidence, for example, my goal is to be able to be able to perform my song in front of an audience.

Measurable: How will  you know when you have done what you say you want to do? By focusing on behaviours and actions you have a clear guide as to how you are progressing. 

Achievable: Brainstorm all the smallest steps to getting to your goal, including the skills you need to learn. Many people become disappointed because they set their goals too high and feel as though they have failed if it doesn’t work out perfectly. Goals are like a high jump, set the bar just a little higher than where you are comfortable now, as you reach that goal, then set the bar a little higher, that way you are moving forwards little bit by little bit. A good idea is to give yourself a small reward for achieving each step

Realistic: are your goals achievable for you and your life circumstances. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Plan how you will do each step, what might hold you back, what will help you.

Timeframed: set a rough timeline for each step of your goal, it helps to keep you motivated, and you can look back on what you have achieved as you are still working towards your final goal.

Think about your motivation and determination. 

A few other thoughts:

Think about what will be different when you have taken each step, and when you have reached your goal? What might you notice about yourself, and what will other people notice that is different about you? Who can you share their accomplishments with?

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