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Pregnancy & Parenting


Becoming and being a parent can be a new and challenging experience.

If you are already a parent you may be having facing challenges as your family grows and changes.

Issues that parent’s might face include:

  • Health and nutrition needs of the family
  • Dental and physical health of children
  • Family and spousal relationship counselling
  • Planning a family
  • Behaviour issues children may be facing at school
  • Social issues that are making it hard for a child to make friends
  • Learning difficulties that are making school hard for a child
  • Changes as children reach their teens
  • Managing difficult behaviours

If you have recently become pregnant there are a range of services available to assist with your changing health, physical, emotional and support needs. These can include creating a plan for pregnancy, keeping up your health with your new physical demands and making arrangements for the birth and first few months after.